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In these situations, Riesterer asserts, you can't avoid relying on catchiness.
The line between catchiness and self indulgence is a thin one.
It was fresh and new and fit right in with the direction I felt music was going today: Pop-rock, strange psychedelic catchiness, good songs with sexual energy, androgyny, cool clothes and dancing.
Effect of green tea catchiness on plasma cholesterol level in cholesterol fed rats.
In writing the present essay, I have poached my title from a highly regarded old book by George Dangerfield entitled The Strange Death of Liberal England--chosen mainly for the bleak but, as I shall argue, appropriate catchiness of the spin I've sought to give to the title here.
It doesn't have that immediate catchiness that makes a Top 40 single.
But the swampy, roots-flavored ``Suit Yourself'' reveals the pungent influence of Louisiana's country-soul genius Tony Joe White - and the result is the perfect combination of catchiness, vision and heart.
We need only think of musical-rhythmic differences between, say, Indian, Australian Aboriginal and Middle Eastern traditions to recognize that its universality lies not in historically specific interpretation, but in what Aviram calls its catchiness, and in its affective access to the human body.
There's a certain catchiness to being the 24th choice to host 24 carat car crash 24 Hour Quiz.
Hardly a typical soundtrack for a go-go troupe, but the Cameras capture the hand-clapping catchiness of a sing-along revival show, even if the "hymns" have a distinctively queer spin on spirituality.
Somehow, a name like Silicon Dioxide Valley simply would not have the same catchiness as Silicon Valley.
The peaks can be solid, like the catchiness of "Empty Pages," or sporadic and marred, as in "Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys," where the slow-burning groove and stacked riffs would pack more punch at half the eleven-minute length.