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And in 2010, the catchphrase "simples" was added to the Collins English Dictionary.
Walker hosted Catchphrase for 13 years and was so synonymous with its success that the show was cancelled two series after he left in 1999.
Stephen attempted to give Simon a present for Eric when he last saw him before the birth - a Catchphrase board game, which Simon promptly rejected.
The comic character's "yeah but no but yeah but" catchphrase was voted funniest in a poll of 3000 Brits.
Following the countdown of the most popular sayings, there'll be a chance to see the classic programme that made the top catchphrase famous.
I know it's a novel idea just now - hello Little Britain - but how about a catchphrase AND some other funny lines before and after it?
Tory sources said the catchphrase had come "organically" out of a series of brain-storming sessions.
Game show entertainment is proving to have tremendous global appeal and Uproar's strategy is to translate universally appealing brands like Catchphrase into a new generation of entertainment," said Kenneth Cron, chairman and chief executive officer of Uproar Inc.
I'm told: "The cast of TOWIE are a canny bunch, and they know that when they coin a marketable catchphrase that they can really make some money out of it.
It's also jock talk, a catchphrase of high school wrestling, the team sport that has Provenzano's teenage boys watching their weight like fashion models.
THE nation's favourite children's TV catchphrase is "D'Oh