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The biggest stars to ever make it in WWE all have one or two famous quotes or catchphrases that cross over into the mainstream.
Her 'Cash Me Outside' and 'How Bout Dat' catchphrases continue to be the subject of memes to this day, but Bregoli is now taking legal action against a video game company that's been using her popularized tagline without her consent.
There was also the dawn of the "Alternative" comedy scene which made catchphrases and innuendofuelled saucy comedy on TV redundant.
The Catchphrase apps will be launched this weekend and have the potential to be translated into other languages.
Like everything, Catchphrase has moved with the times, and so will feature state of the art 3D graphic animations.
To win the game, contestants listen to a story and have to guess the popular catchphrase it describes.
usie Dent, 42, of Oxford University Press and star of Channel 4's Countdown, said the catchphrase quickly caught the attention of the public.
By studying Michael Hopkins' restaurant pavilion in St James's Park, she tackled some of the broader issues of sustainability, looking beyond the new catchphrase to ask how we can quantify what a sustainable building is, and how we can measure a building's impact?
A popular catchphrase used to promote South Africa's SABC1 channel is under attack--from no less than Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini.
Supersize that" has become a catchphrase in the epidemic of obesity in the United States.
b) trainer shares her surname with a comedian who was renowned for his funny walk, wig and catchphrase "Good evening"?