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The use of political catchwords by politicians and the press is not meant to promote analytic thinking, detached reasoning, and balanced judgment.
The term, "subtle energy medicine" has become a popular, albeit confusing catchword because it covers time-tested approaches and therapies, as well as a multitude of specious devices and products offered by entrepreneurs, impostors and misguided zealots, though well meaning in their intentions.
The organizations have added programs that contain the catchword "governance" to quiet increasingly vocal external and internal critics, instead of making a serious investment in the structural changes and budget allocations necessary for collaborating with indigenous peoples.
When it is merely a catchword. And here we can turn to the most recent American political dictionary, that of William Satire.
Each card includes a catchword on one side and a pronunciation guide, definition, synonyms, and helpful illustration on the other.
So it is that shibboleth has come today to mean "catchword or slogan" (Webster's, 1975) or "the criterion, test, or watchword of a party; a party cry or pet phrase" (Webster's, 1913).
If contextualization was a catchword in theological circles of the 1970s, globalization became a new emphasis in the 1980s.
Accordingly, Transit-Oriented Development -- or "TOD" -- is the new catchword describing the construction of commercial and residential properties with easy access to existing subway and train stations and airports.
In the second major part, "Le recours a la nature dans la reflexion d'Alberti," Paoli exami nes two complementary branches of Alberti's thought, the socio-political and the esthetic, in which "nature" is a catchword for harmony and aptness within a moral or artistic system.
In his TV series he cooked up meals for friends and family in his East London flat - and coined his "pukka" catchword.
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