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Other FDR-era catchwords includefiur freedoms, day of infamy, nothing to fear but fear itself .
The organizations have added programs that contain the catchword "governance" to quiet increasingly vocal external and internal critics, instead of making a serious investment in the structural changes and budget allocations necessary for collaborating with indigenous peoples.
A catchword today, in Satire's own definition, is "a word that crystallizes an issue, sparks a response; a technique condemned by those not imaginative enough to master it" (New, 68; Political, 102).
Each card includes a catchword on one side and a pronunciation guide, definition, synonyms, and helpful illustration on the other.
If contextualization was a catchword in theological circles of the 1970s, globalization became a new emphasis in the 1980s.
Accordingly, Transit-Oriented Development -- or "TOD" -- is the new catchword describing the construction of commercial and residential properties with easy access to existing subway and train stations and airports.
In the second major part, "Le recours a la nature dans la reflexion d'Alberti," Paoli exami nes two complementary branches of Alberti's thought, the socio-political and the esthetic, in which "nature" is a catchword for harmony and aptness within a moral or artistic system.
In his TV series he cooked up meals for friends and family in his East London flat - and coined his "pukka" catchword.
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Privatization is the catchword that fuels the fire of prison growth.
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