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The songs are catchy, so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing I Am A Rainbow under your breath.
In June 2011, after Trinamool came to power, the police dug up an area near CPI- M lawmaker Sushanta Ghosh's ancestral house at Benachapra near Garbeta following West Bengal chief minister comes up with catchy slogans Assemby elections
Miley's other leaked song "Peppy Gilrs" is quite catchy and reminds one of Cindy Pauper's hit classic "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
5 - Think about a good caption - something catchy that makes your selfie valid.
Musicians from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CSBO) brought together catchy tunes with bicycle bells and policeman's helmets in order to help children find a safe place to cross.
The Comic Life software encourages students to combine visuals with catchy headings and concise text.
Researchers say mobile phone ringtones - especially catchy songs drain your brainpower, Live Science Reported.
These catchy slogans must also convey the main motto of the campaign.
Allen knows exactly what makes a song catchy, and she ensures that nearly every cut on the vibrant Alright, Still is sing-along ready.
On the conference subject of e-commerce, let me pass along a recent catchy headline over a DM News article on search engine optimization: "Not a creature was stirring, not even a customer's mouse.
It's got a sort of anti-art-student art student feel to it, and it's catchy as all get out with the not-too-stilted English leaving it endearing.