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I'D give Andy Burrows three stars just for leaving Razorlight but Green Grass is actually very catchy.
JOHn bUtLER tRIODOn't WAnnA sEE yOUR FACE- A funky intro, catchy chorus, great melody throughout.
TOP 10 MOST CATCHY SONGS 1 I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 2 Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin 3 Life Is Life - Opus 4 Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly 5 Hey Jude -The Beatles 6 Inspector Gadget - Theme 7 We Will Rock You - Queen 8 Let The Sun Shine - The Fifth Dimension 9 The Final Countdown - Europe 10 Hakuna Matata - Timon and Pumba
Atmospheric, icy and a killer of a catchy tune, I love it.
The flip side is killer female fronted spazzery that's even a little catchy.
There's the requisite cool-headed voice-over comparing mob culture to any other capitalistic enterprise (``I'm not a gangster, I'm a businessman,'' Craig coolly announces) and the brutal violence set to catchy pop tunes.
But don't confuse catchy with kitschy; his lyrics will blindside you with naked honesty.
Co-developed with Raptisoft Software, Chuzzle Deluxe features Giant Chuzzles, Rainbow Chuzzles, Super Chuzzles, hilarious Chuzzle animations, insidiously catchy music, wacky retro sound effects, and 4 game modes: Classic, Speed, Zen, and Mindbender.
This fifth single from the Undiscovered album is a decent tune but doesn't stand out like the catchy and upbeat You Give Me Something.
Catchy wee number does enough to tease the legion of fans who still pine for the Aussie hit-makers.
Each group sang a catchy tune that got the audience tapping toes and snapping fingers.
Everyone has been singing it around the office because it has such a catchy chorus.