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'The tunes and the lyrics must be catchy and should resonate even with young voters,' Tamayo said.
aACAySanu KehndiaACAO from aACAyKesariaACAO makes for a perfect boy squad song with an old school charm and pretty good music and catchy beats.
The songs are catchy, so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing I Am A Rainbow under your breath.
On Tuesday, the CM also used another catchy line at a programme in Burdwan district.
Catchy, listenable pop tunes put this four-piece boyband firmly alongside the likes of The Wanted.
Miley's other leaked song "Peppy Gilrs" is quite catchy and reminds one of Cindy Pauper's hit classic "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."
5 - Think about a good caption - something catchy that makes your selfie valid.
Musicians from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CSBO) brought together catchy tunes with bicycle bells and policeman's helmets in order to help children find a safe place to cross.
There was catchy chant-along pop (Kiss You), lighters-in-the-air acoustic ballads (Little Things), a Wheatus cover (Teenage Dirtbag) and charity single One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks).
It was a great piece of music, catchy as you like, and never took itself too seriously.
Students chanted the catchy rhymes and acted out the sea scenarios using masks and simple props.
ISLAMABAD -- There is a bad news for those who love catchy mobile ringtones.