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Old and young visited crowded services and catechizations.
Religious education, evangelization, catechization, having the believers ready for the eucharist is worship: a "liturgy before Liturgy".
The second-year program offers more specialized courses in religious education and other disciplines that are indispensable to future teachers of Christian catechization in Sunday schools and secondary schools and institutes.
Attending equally to both aspects permits the realization that the so-called response is just as much an interrogation or, more precisely, a catechization.
She regards the success of catechization and the movement towards individual devotion as, "the first and most important triumph of the Tridentine Church" (pp.
The sign of "true conversion" was the sacrament of baptism which was often administered en masse and without proper catechization.
In addition to eschewing comparative approaches and the perspectives afforded by the sociology of religion, this "dual faith" trope ignores the enormous change in popular religious practice, the impact of education (including the obligatory study of religion), the Church's increasing emphasis on catechization and preaching, and the people's own strivings (which indeed spawned the rapid growth of sectarian movements).
The interlacing between the four forms of mission points to the leading role of catechization over the other three forms.
The Ignorantia sacerdotum summarized the catechetical program for the English church adopted at the Council of Lambeth in 1281, which Pecham convened and presided over for the purposes of church reform and lay catechization.
One of the most marked changes in these pastoral manuals over time is the shift in focus from catechization and knowledge of doctrine to consolation and personal application of doctrine.
The catechization of adults is an especially important necessity.
Father Vladimir Yaschenko Alexandrovich, assistant to Father Hegumen Ioann (John) Ekonometsev, the chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate's Department of Christian Education and Catechization, claimed, We can't do as Americans do, because we can't have such sects equal to our traditional Orthodox church.