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In Virginia, Anglican clergy catechized in the summer and during Lent, and in the 1720s, 92 percent of the Virginia clergy who responded to an inquiry from the bishop of London reported that they taught the catechism for a period each year.
Luke tells Theophilus that he writes in order to help people "recognize" the truth of the teachings into which they have been catechized, to help them recognize Jesus.
says they may have assisted at the altar (with episcopal approval), but clearly catechized younger women, prepared rural women for baptism, preached, and read the Gospel (having received the orarium).
Older parishioners, even those who may have been skeptical of youth leadership at first, experience an added pride in seeing the young adults whom they catechized as children flourishing--in terms of faith and professionalism--a pride they wouldn't have had if older outsiders were hired.
If they are relentlessly the objects of spectacle, they are also relentlessly cast in a spectatorial role -- the audience for the lynching, the congregation for Snyder's sermon on obedience to the master -- and they are relentlessly catechized.
While it was forbidden to buy or sell them, they could be "allotted" to resident Spaniards, for whom they were obliged to work in return for being catechized in the Faith.
It begs the question: if consecrated religious don't already know the point of their vocational existence, what makes them think that a bunch of inadequately catechized laypeople will know?
Tomeo said, "People have been catechized, sacramentalized, but not evangelized.
Between the first century and the age of Constantine, the Christian community devised a series of steps to ensure that those who were about to be baptized were properly instructed or catechized.
The response to their teaching was swift and positive: inhabitants of Boga learned to read and were catechized, and the first baptisms of Boga Christians took place in April 1897.
An indigenous friend recently said that the problem is that we have been institutionalized and not catechized.
Only a properly catechized, converted, baptized Jew would be a friend of the gospel and thus a friend of Luther.