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Artistic intentions may matter in the creation of artworks, and here I would urge that we also recognize a third kind of intention, art-making intention--the intention to make a work of art (as opposed to a tool, say) in the first place--which is prior to and more basic than both categorial and semantic intentions.
The categorial space between adjectives and adverbs has also been described as an 'interface between adjectives and adverbs' (cf.
Para verificar como os jornais construiram e/ou reforcaram uma identidade da cidade, por meio das publicacoes a respeito da TV Mariano Procopio, foi realizada uma analise de conteudo categorial simbolica sobre identidades tendo como objeto empirico as mensagens categorizadas enquanto noticias.
La question du categorial ne se pose pas au niveau du simple fait de voir un objet, mais dans le fait de voir un objet en tant que quelque chose d'autre ou en tant que soi-meme, comme tel ou tel.
Still, it has been proposed to account for the idiosyncratic syntax of AMC expressions in terms of ongoing changes in the categorial properties of individual noun forms.
Após transcrição das entrevistas, realizou-se a exploração do material, seguindo regras da análise de conteúdo categorial (Bardin, 1977).
In Ferdinand de Saussure's (1959) binarist semiological reductionism, the phenomenon and noumenon dichotomy was accepted as existing prior to signification, and its linguistic derivation reasserted the categorial basis of Kant's (1989) phenomenalism.
In this section, we lay down the foundations of objectoriented categorial framework, on top of which OOD knowledge are modeled and implemented.
Etsuyo Yuasa: Modularity in Language: Constructional and Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics.
Categorial and hierarchical rank shifting is also illustrated by means of suitable examples.
It is only in a categorial confusion that this enterprise could be made to appear to yield an understanding of the substantive actions and utterances of an agent.