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The creation of different categories of natives sowed the seed of divisions that made united collective action difficult while securing employers a low wage labor force.
Next, as a check on consistency of sorting, these written descriptions of each category were used as guidelines by two independent raters to assign the 340 responses to the 12 categories.
Grieser and Kuhl base their work on the notion that human perception -- the operation of senses such as seeing and hearing -- sorts diverse incoming stimuli into meaningful categories.
Level 2: Subjective language is used throughout to discriminate between the score categories.
Categories 1 and 2 are based on the percentage of members contributing.
The annual contest attracted more than 430 entries this year, with participants competing for cash prizes in four age categories.
Advertising pages in b2b publications categorized into 22 categories rose from 898,127 pages in 2004 to 933,117 ad pages last year, an increase of 3.
The 15 winners in categories ranging from "Affordable Housing" to "Retail" and "Education" represent more than $473 million in investments in the borough of Brooklyn.
We now expect specific age related categories to delineate the processes of aging.
To facilitate evaluation all comments were placed in categories "A" through "E".
As reported in last month's Agri Marketing, successful brand marketers Roundup, John Deere, Chevrolet and Pioneer all led their respective categories, enjoying strong producer ratings on the attribute "best overall brand.
This graph compares the percentage of white and minority representation in five selected job categories.