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This categorisation of our secondary schools is important to how the support that should be helping raise standards gets allocated.
A spokeswoman for the Welsh Government dismissed a suggestion that the publication of categorisation could be delayed and said scores would be revealed at the end of January.
The Congress had promised that it would propose a constitutional amendment for the categorisation of the Dalits.
We can all take heart that there has been a lot of discussion about this categorisation model already, with good and able people leading the way.
Under the categorisation system, all primaries and secondaries would be ranked in groups One to Four, depending on standards and their capacity to improve.
C Application Programming Interface - Categorisation of websites using the SurfControl Content Database
In order to help companies combat the information glut, Active Navigation provides a number of navigation services for corporate intranet users within the Portal Maximizer platform, including search, categorisation, and automatically identifying related pages.