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The poem takes traditional social signs of gender and presents them as unreliably readable or categorizable at the same time that it conveys such categorical failures generically.
Quid Pro Quo as a Superfluous and Otherwise Categorizable Form of Harassment
Yet, the music that we play may not be easily categorizable in the jazz tradition," Eskelin says by phone from his home in New York City.
The Atonist notion of constructing a Talking Android that cart imitate blackness is, obviously, predicated on the notion that blackness is itself a definable, categorizable essence.
In Reading People, Phelan demonstrates that categorizable characters (those embodying the "thematic function," in Phelan's terminology) are frequently minor characters introduced in the story in order to highlight the individuality of the protagonists, whose "mimetic" aspects thereby come into view to make them more likely to be understood in a personalized way.
Indeed, despite his being one of the least categorizable, independently personal filmmakers around, all of Anderson's films have been released by major Hollywood studios, a virtually unheard-of phenomenon for such a distinctive director.
Top AJC staff, however, told a researcher that the actual percentage spent on Israel-related matters that "may not be categorizable as such in budget digests" was between 25 and 50 percent.
About half the categorizable alarms are false, Munn reports.