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The job descriptions either included (1) the categorization cues plus additional category-ambiguous features or (2) only the categorization cues.
Evaluate: Reviewers make categorization decisions, leveraging intelligent suggestions.
By adding MindServer Categorization to its award-winning eDiscovery applications, Insite Legal Hold[TM] and Axcelerate eDiscovery[TM], Recommind now offers the industry's first and only end-to-end eDiscovery platform.
If a categorization system determined that "file plan," "records inventory," and "records control schedule" were highly discriminating features for the entire corpus that the system was to address, then every document in the corpus would have an element in its associated feature vector for each of these three records-management oriented features.
The portals that these organizations will deploy must provide content categorization and search functionality that enables individual employees and external stakeholders to find the specific content they need.
Teragram's advanced categorization technologies power SAS Content Categorization to provide instant, advanced classification of enterprise documents to help organizations fully leverage their information assets.
The company also claims it provides report insights into the categorization process, enabling users to easily adjust classification models and focus only on areas of the hierarchy that need attention.
SurfControl also announced the development of SurfBayes, a next-generation Bayesian-inspired categorization engine with greater accuracy at faster speeds than leading competitive solutions.
com) is the latest version of the company's indexing and content categorization engine.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Recommind, a market leader in enterprise search and categorization systems, announced today that it has again been named to KMWorld magazine's prestigious list of the "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management", marking the fourth consecutive year the company has been formally recognized as a leader in the Knowledge Management space.
Message Categorization Dramatically Reduces Storage and Retrieval Costs Throughout the Enterprise
SurfControl (London:SRF), a leading provider of global on-demand, network and endpoint IT security solutions, and Yoggie Security Systems[TM], developer of the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro[TM], today announced that SurfControl's award-winning URL categorization and filtering technology is one of the 13 layers of integrated security protection onboard the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro[TM].