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If you wish you can send any categorization decisions you make to the Handy Start Menu database to improve the experience for other people.
Enabling and disabling Handy Start Menu is a simple matter of clicking a button, so if you don't like the application, your wont have to undo the damage done by categorization.
Combining Inktomi's search capabilities with Stratify's leading hierarchy management and text categorization platform will give customers an organized, unified and accurate view of information enterprisewide, the companies say.
Stratify says its new Discovery System is a categorization solution optimized for Inktomi search technology that delivers fast and intuitive direct navigation of its sophisticated topic hierarchies.
METHOD The main study addressed the possibility that differences in judgments of jobs' motivating potential are a function of the use of alternative categorizations as a basis for these judgments.
It is unknown whether categorizations are subject to change.
Innovative Intelligent Categorization Features, along with Kroll Ontrack Professional Services Experts, Drive Document Review Efficiencies and Decrease Costs
Through Newstex, IBD will reach new segments of the market for financial news and research that rely on Newstex's proprietary tagging and categorization.
If the page lacks sufficient text to support categorization, the page is placed into a catch-all miscellaneous category.
e-Claims works by analyzing responses by certified users to prompts and questions regarding a claim and its supporting documents, comparing the claim to pre-established medical and exposure criteria, and assigning the highest categorization for which the claim is eligible.