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Businesspeople from each culture perceptively categorize the behavior of those in the other group but misunderstand the cultural roots of their different time perspectives, Lee says.
Tajfel (1974) defines social identity as how people categorize themselves and others in "the given social context," through linguistic and behavioral characteristics (cited in McNamara 1997: 562).
It can then automatically categorize, link, personalize and deliver that information.
If the ART 2 were to input the topographic map, it would categorize all five plateaus, with the larger height corresponding to the larger value.
One wonders how all these documents and data varieties will be imported into KM repositories and what metadata will be used to classify and categorize documents.
InStranet's multi-dimensional technology is the foundation of our customer service application strategy since it enables organizations to easily categorize and personalize service resolution information across customer facing channels such as call centers, Web self-service, and retail locations," said Alex Dayon, CEO of InStranet.
Kosmix has also added a new "Auto" category, and continues on its mission to categorize the entire web.
Categorization - Ontrack Inview has the capability to categorize documents in a more logical way that allows for decisions on responsiveness and privilege to be made more quickly and accurately based on the topical contents of a group of documents.