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Even if the whole of society is categorized [by number], as Ala said, it would still mark a severe situation for it indicates that the state has blacklisted all of its citizens.
215 (27 per cent) were categorized as low overall risk Of the 532 wastewater systems inspected:
In this qualitative analysis, each fatal motorcycle mishap was categorized by a panel of ground safety experts.
9% of the respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the three items categorized as interest in math study.
Those mainly categorized are reportedly followers of Hizmet, a faith-based movement inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len.
According to the United States Foreign Service Institute, Japanese is categorized in Group IV, the most difficult languages to master.
During the training process, the records manager sees samples of the documents as they would be categorized by clusters and can determine how well the clusters would work against the whole body of data.
Another useful tool to aid the balancing decision is the notion of "strategic technologies," where the technology Focus for the research project may be categorized as emerging, strategic, or base (Fig.
Someone will try and categorize them and they don't feel like they should be categorized like that,'' Marcellin said.
NEW YORK -- American Idol fans now have access to categorized search results, hakia American Idol Gallery, to access the latest and greatest about the program.
Sheriff's Detective Cheryl Wade, who is educating groups about legal and law enforcement issues, said the most common offenses would likely be rape, child molestation, indecent exposure and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor - all categorized as ``serious'' offenses.