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Those mainly categorized are reportedly followers of Hizmet, a faith-based movement inspired by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len.
272 (51 per cent) were categorized as medium overall risk
In this qualitative analysis, each fatal motorcycle mishap was categorized by a panel of ground safety experts.
Although the categorized search topics hakia and Bing coverage overlaps, hakia's categorized search is more comprehensive in most cases.
I hope the author expands the categorized list of music in the appendix--it makes for a unique and useful springboard to explore our beloved repertoire.
When comparing the percentage of students who strongly agreed or agreed with items categorized as importance, students in the USA indicated higher levels of agreement than those in Israel, Japan, or South Africa.
Ecstasy also characterizes a passion for collecting because this exhibition is full of things that can hardly be categorized.
They take the raw materials - the client's records - and customize a product by sending them through the "manufacturing" process, during which the information is sorted, summarized, categorized, analyzed, extrapolated and so on.
ART 2 also successfully categorized trucks that had been rotated or sized differently.
The addition of automatic categorization further leverages any manual labor put into categorization by automatically categorizing new documents based on the categories assigned to similar documents that were categorized in the past.
According to the United States Foreign Service Institute, Japanese is categorized in Group IV, the most difficult languages to master.