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Taxpayers can deduct these costs only if they can categorize them as software development costs under section 5 of revenue procedure 2000-50.
Context's future plans for GammaWare include using the software to categorize its Justis UK Statutes database.
It can then automatically categorize, link, personalize and deliver that information.
THE MTS TECHNIQUE categorizes client resources into three broad areas - money, time and skill - and sets priorities based on greatest scarcity among them.
1 further analyzes each file in depth using ContentProtect's award-winning and patent-pending dynamic analysis engine which identifies potentially objectionable files and categorizes them into one or more of 28 different content categories, ranging from Pornography or Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel.
New File Types -- ContentCleanup scans and categorizes all Internet-related files including images, video, audio, text, and program files.
Remarkably, the classifier found that even just a split second's worth of the neural signal contained specific enough information to identity and categorize the object, even at positions and sizes the classifier not previously "seen.
net continuously monitors breaking news from over 10,000 online sources and categorizes daily news content into over 300,000 topics, 24 hours a day.
Viapoint Corporation today announced the availability of Viapoint, the first software that finds, organizes and delivers e-mails, files, web and news content and automatically categorizes them by company, contact, groupings, projects and date range.
ILM is a multi-stage process by which an organization categorizes information based on its value, and then assigns the information to the most cost-effective storage platform.
The router identifies the specific point source of each email and categorizes it dynamically, based on the likelihood that each source is sending spam.