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We have got closer on categorizing properties in our meeting," Talat told reporters after the meeting.
For most taxpayers, properly categorizing assets and identifying nonexistent, nontaxable, overvalued or obsolete assets will result in substantial property tax savings.
ART 2 resolves that problem by categorizing images in continuous analog input, enabling it to make finer distinctions in analyzing and categorizing images.
employee subjectively selects which ones he/she thinks should be kept), then audits should be periodically performed to ensure that employees are correctly categorizing and retaining important communications.
The foundation of InStranet's software's data model uniquely solves the problem of categorizing and securing large amounts of knowledge within an enterprise knowledge base, and is one of the building blocks of Web 2.
The new software program improves the speed and accuracy of categorizing systems because it helps the subject matter expert interactively create the training set, choosing and refining the categories and the conditions under which they are applied.
Using software like Autonomy with software like Foremost could completely eliminate the IM professionals' custodial role in classifying and categorizing records.
GRENOBLE, France -- Scientists at Xerox Corporation's (NYSE:XRX) research center in Europe have developed a powerful new system for "recognizing" generic, everyday objects in digital images, such as a photograph of a car, and categorizing them.
When we stop categorizing people verbally, then we'll stop categorizing them socially.
The software, which is a categorizing tool, is intended to help businesses keep their e-document collections orderly and easily accessible, and it is available for licensing from Xerox.