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If the parallels between that time and now--cultural quiescence, economic bust, threats of war--could be imagined burning though the exhibition's dark catharsis, incommensurability was quick to follow.
Junior college brings little respite, until finally catharsis is reached, after the death of his youngest brother.
Eitzel's last album, 1998's Caught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby, housed some of the most intense emotional disclosures he'd ever penned--a catharsis of that earlier, trying time.
There is no catharsis, no redemption, and no morally satisfying conclusion.
Arifi concludes that we need the integration more as an internal catharsis than only as a need to build international positions.
There are no emotional peaks and valleys in this tragedy; there's no climax and no catharsis.
I try to resist catharsis in film," says Fast, whom many will remember from the 2002 Whitney Biennial as the sound-effects man in the two-channel video installation Glendive Foley, 2000.
Thompson eventually found a catharsis, of sorts, in telling his story to Military Update columnist Tom Philpott.
But his attempts at balancing the scale with demonstrations of Charlie's humanity are a bit ersatz: reaching out to a cute homeless man (Bent's Lothaire Bluteau) or comforting a chum dying of AIDS (Alan Cumming), By contrast, there is a genuine catharsis to be had in Reitz's resolution, which sidesteps its own "Charles Bronson in Death Wish "--fulfillment fantasies in favor of an alternative meant to heal.
More important, the role of Italia was something of a catharsis for Cruz, who used ``Don't Move'' as a means of dealing with her own ``monsters.
Doing so, we enjoy the beauty of the picture without the sweat of generating it, with looking thus offering passive catharsis for syntax overload, a pleasant day trip to the pandemonium of graphomania.