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Our society, however, has always sought transcendence and spiritual catharsis in a more puritanical, religious way.
If we are not already convinced by the notion of catharsis, we shall not be more convinced by reading this book; if we find problematic the contrast between the sociality of virtues and the solipsism of theoria, the problem is not resolved.
Kapchan attends commercialized performances in France which contain all the spectacular aspects of Gnawa trance without any of the healing catharsis or ritual understanding.
In May 2004, Buz Crump applied to Catharsis for help and to arrange a way to meet Philip Savage directly.
Students who are unable to talk about their anxieties often can identify with characters in books strongly enough to experience the catharsis and acquire some important insights (Halsted, 1994).
Author Carlos Monsivais labels it a "precise mix of classical tragedy, circus, Olympic sport, comedy, variety theatre and work catharsis.
Reading about Harry lets such children understand themselves better; these books act as a catharsis, to let children come to terms as much as possible with what is missing in their lives.
This break is a time for catharsis, to cleanse your body-mind-spirit of disappointment and negative thinking.
There is a catharsis and type of group therapy involved.
In a way it was marvellous, a truly Arab occasion with plenty of speeches and many demonstrations of emotion leading to a welcome catharsis, finishing up with everyone sitting around, restored to cheerfulness, unashamedly tucking into the coffee and the mountains of cake.
At this point, the plot shifts to an engaging relationship drama coupled with emotional catharsis.