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With six females in the group, you may expect there to be some cattiness on the road, but Carmit is having none of it.
One of the many great things about golf is that there is no cattiness.
Lewis's two previous books were show-biz biographies (Laurence Olivier, Peter Sellers); he now aspires to the literary iconoclasm of Lytton Stratchey but attains only the cattiness of Kitty Kelley.
Well,' a Washington establishment lady at the next table said to Rita with ill-concealed cattiness, 'I guess you must be somebody
As the cattiness increased, sad sap Jamie yelped: ``Can we PLEASE appreciate this wine?
Cream and sugar for my coffee Nagging my children Wine Cattiness or gossip Cigarettes Worry and anxiety
After facing a flurry of cattiness when she appeared a little bedraggled, with heavily smudged black make-up, at the GQ awards in September, the TV star breezily tweeted: "Oh my.
I'm clearly taking my two boys to Oblivion Primary, because I can honestly say I've never noticed school run clothing cattiness or wardrobe oneupmanship.
Whatever ya do, avoid venting about her cattiness to your BGF.
They had all been sharing a room but Rebecca asked to move out now that more space is available An X Factor source said: "She isn't close to either Cher or Katie and doesn't like the bitchiness or the cattiness that comes with being near them.
That's the message from Purina Tidy Cats, the leading cat litter brand that is continuing its Campaign to End Cattiness to help debunk the myths about people who have more than one cat.
For all their cattiness, the first act is practically stolen by Tonye Patano as the wisecracking maid, Aretha, and Will Holman, who makes an unexpected appearance as a pec-