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The job she had gotten at a research institute--with the help of a few favors--had thrown her into a net of gossip, of vanity and cattiness.
The Tidy Cats Campaign to End Cattiness Contest asked multiple-cat owners to share their stories about their fulfilled lives with their cats.
Yet watch enough reality in this genre and you'll notice less-laudatory traits as well, among them a tendency to become hysterical under pressure (see Oxygen's "Addicted to Beauty") and relentless cattiness that regularly lurches into the snide.
The cattiness of Bowra's correspondence is indeed extraordinary, and it is not limited to his enemies.
If you want jealousy, cattiness and gossip, then there is only one place to go.
Brickhouse quite correctly sees him taking a swipe at the genre's quality, but he indulges in more than just cattiness here.
Cobbe also includes a small handful of letters that were neither written nor received by Vaughan Williams: most of these involve Ursula Vaughan Williams, but they include one remarkable Oxford University Press internal memo from Norman Peterkin to Humphrey Milford that contrasts William Walton's perceived cattiness with Vaughan Williams's more "gentlemanly" behavior.
If I had left out Mr X and Miss Y it wouldn't have been accounted to me for criticism but for cattiness or ignorance.
McCartney's text when it fails does so by slipping into the overly cute locution, the cliched aphorism, or the cheap cattiness of camp.
She carries her cattiness, competitiveness, suspicious jealousy, contemptible superiority, and most of all, her selfishness, with her into the hell of isolation they spawn, while the loving Lester and Betty embrace their communities.