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Jocelyn Catty focuses on the representation of rape in many Elizabethan and Jacobean male authors and genres, concluding her study with four chapters devoted to the topic in the works of Jane Lumley, Mary Sidney, Elizabeth Cary, and Mary Wroth.
But if your friend is getting all catty on you, she might not be receptive to your pleas for an explanation.
Catty, with an inbuilt clock that automatically switched between GMT and summer time, demanded hers on the dot.
The boyfriend debacle proves to Gen that her "friends" are shallow, catty, spoiled, and disloyal.
Wendy Laraghy and Jerry Opdenaker padded and pawed, making Puss in Boots quintessentially, well, catty.
He also sent a goodwill message to producer, Benet Catty, wishing the production well during its month-long run.
They broke every stereotype about gay relationships by staying friends and not turning catty.
Camp and outrageous, provocative and controversial, catty and hysterical, Scott Capurro is a stranger to good taste.
Hello Kitty's crushing on her catty pal Daniel, and she's scratching to find him the purr-fect present.
Mr Catty said Lord Archer was one of a number of people he wrote to as he tried to raise the pounds 15,000 needed to stage the show.
So the series comes to an end, and as catty Katie Hopkins tries to turn into a minor celebrity (by being the same manipulative cow just with a glammed-up makeover), I wonder if it can survive another series.
This just in from the ladies room: With the high interest in CNN anchor Kyra Phillips' catty remarks overheard from her stall in the ladies room during President Bush's speech in New Orleans last Wednesday, cable news networks were scurrying about to take advantage of what might be the latest wave in reporting.