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However, these studies, as well as our present analysis, were done in a Caucasoid population, and considerably higher prevalences of IgA-isotype APL-Abs have been reported in populations with different ethnic backgrounds (18, 31, 32).
Also indefensible is government insistence that every citizen must be counted, or count himself, as a member of one race only--no matter that his ancestry, like Tiger Woods's, may be in part Negroid, in part Caucasoid, and in part Mongoloid.
As Edith Sanders states: "The late 19th century provided two new ideologies which utilised and expanded the concept of the Caucasoid Hamite: colonialism and modern racism.
Studies from north India (predominantly Caucasoid population) revealed variations in the frequency of FRAXA amongst male MR cases.
While this finding may be significant, it should be noted that the HLA-A2 and HLA B-44 (12) specificity is common in Caucasoid populations with an average antigen frequency of 45.
A rapid method of haplotyping HFE mutations and linkage disequilibrium in a Caucasoid population.
For example, two diametrically opposed craniometric groupings of Bronze Age skulls, by two competent specialists using different clustering methods, are cited as a warning against putting too much faith in groups defined just by craniometric statistics; while the basic distinction between broadly Caucasoid and Mongoloid facial types is accepted.
For instance, Sally Hemings was both mixed race and Caucasoid in appearance, but her blackness is not in doubt.
Coon, a well-known University of Pennsylvania anthropologist, published The Origin of Races, in which he argued that what he classified as the five major racial groups (Australoid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Capoid, and Congoid) are actually separate "subspecies," each occupying "its own level on the evolutionary scale.