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In order to examine how ethnicity-related variation in facial appearance might be simulated in computerized 3-D models, casts of an archaeological skull that contained features more frequent in the Caucasoid population along with features more frequent in the Negroid population were made.
Kaposi Sarcoma: The classical Kaposi's sarcoma is seen in Caucasoid of Jewish origin.
On the other hand, Zoubov (16) proposed a dental delimitation of global populations into two complexes: the Eastern Dental Complex, the equivalent of the Mongoloid Dental Complex proposed by Hanihara; and the Western Dental Complex, consisting of Northern Caucasoid and Negroid populations (Southern Caucasoid populations) characterized by the high frequency of the Carabelli cusp (cusp forms), of the cusp pattern X, the groove pattern + and the cusp 7 more prevalent in Negroid populations.
Mongol People, Caucasoid and population of the Middle East and North Africa.
Other chapters take up the question of the ethnonym Bulouji, a tribe apparently with a Caucasoid element active at the end of the Northern Wei, the name perhaps derived from the Altaic word meaning "mixture.
Detective Sergeant John Williamson said that the anthropologist report stated that the skull was that of a Caucasoid whose age was anywhere from 28 to 65.
In the present study, we observed that the South Indians present with Turkish and Caucasian features probably because Indians belong to the subgroups of Caucasoid called Indo-Dravidian.
When long contact has existed between Caucasoid and Mongoloid groups, particularly in North Afghanistan among Tajik and Uzbek, red or blond hair, blue-or-mixed-eye combinations occur in association with epicanthic folds and high cheekbones.
In this study, absence of the Y cuspid pattern was observed, but predominance of X5 and X6 (3,0 and 72,4%, respectively) in the first lower molar, and +4 and +5 in the second one (7,3 and 40,5%, respectively)--typical patterns of grouped afrodescendant populations of the Caucasoid dental complex (figure 5).
Mallal correctly observed that these findings require confirmation and may be specific to the Caucasoid population studied in Western Australia, and, most important, that testing for the HLA-B*5701 haplotype is in no way a substitute for the clinical evaluation and decision making of possible HSR.
The study population showed a predominance of Caucasoid male patients infected by virus C of genotypes 1 and 3.
In the present study, the nonsynonymous SNP rs1052133 located in the exonic region of the gene OGG1 was analyzed using polymerase chain reaction followed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) and DNA sequencing analysis for association with the risk of squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN) in a subpopulation cluster-matched (Indo-Europeans linguistic subgroup + Caucasoid morphological subtype) case-control based genetic association study.