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The percentage of votes a candidate received at the caucus determined the percentage of at-large delegates allocated to that candidate.
Global Automakers supported the launch of the House Auto Caucus with a reception in March.
There are also links to Caucus background information, newsletters, information on how to become a member and Internet links to data and agencies focused on the health of people who are homeless.
The event was attended by top Caucus functionaries, including Co-Chairs Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27) and Congressman David Valadao (CA-21), apart from a galaxy of the Congressmen and friends of the ASCC.
Just because someone is not available to attend a caucus meeting does not mean that they should be excluded from the process, or forfeit I their rights.
The Caucus is currently the largest of its kind in the Israeli parliament and was also co-founded by the Israeli Peace Initiative.
The increased use of unmanned aerial systems means we must ensure that we maximize their potential while minimizing their risk," said co-chair of the caucus Sen.
Los Angeles site visits by the caucus included the Department of Children and Family Services, SHIELDS for Families, and the L.
The sportsmen and women across the Commonwealth deserve representation here in the legislature - their hobbies and outdoor interests need to be protected - and the creation of the Sportsmen's Caucus ensures their voices will be heard.
Upper house lawmaker Yoshimasa Hayashi said Wednesday he has submitted his resignation to the Liberal Democratic Party as deputy chairman of the main opposition's caucus in the House of Councillors, citing his displeasure over management and personnel issues.
The first-ever Congressional Caucus on Macedonia and Macedonian Americans to oppose the powerful Greek lobby in the US Congress has been recently formed by Republican Congresswoman Candice C.