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Flexible cauls plates and custom fit reusable bags became part of the tooling system needed to accomplish the fully integrated skin/stringer/frame structure.
An old mid-wives tale claims that en caul babies are clairvoyants, a term referred to those who allegedly have the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.
65) CAUL, D42/PR5/8, Cunard Magazine, Vol 12:1, January 1924, p.
Homemade clamp jacks raise your pipe clamps off the bench so the handles turn freely and there's plenty of room underneath for alignment cauls and clamps.
roulades until caul fat is golden brown and roulade is warmed
First, when compared to CAUL, SGULs may generate only modest cash surrender values that may vanish by age 85 to 95.
Caul will compete in the 200 and 400m individual medley.
We would like to acknowledge that these standards have been adapted from the Caul Information literacy standards, in turn adapted from Information literacy standards for higher education approved by the United States Association of College and Research Libraries.
As a matter of fact there are times when I am apt To feel it close in tight against my sense Like a caul in which I was born and still am wrapped.
CAUL represents all Australian university libraries and promotes collaboration among them and with other Australian and international libraries and organizations.
Behind a caul of pathologized history a spirited world exists.