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II-100 Causam Energy Takes Power Analytics II-100 Siemens and Accenture Form OMNETRIC Group, a JV II-100 CG to Export Indian-made Smart Grid Devices to West Asian Countries.
Consider his response to the second objection in the third article, in which Thomas interprets Augustine as maintaining that one act belonging to the potential whole of contemplation consists in seeing the cause through the effect (videre causam per effectum), describing precisely the way in which metaphysical argument arrives at a knowledge of the truth that God exists.
Crinnion wrote me his reason for promoting this field of specialty: "Since Naturopathy holds dear to the principle of 'tolle causam,' it is critical to provide to our colleagues the symptomatic picture of toxicant-induced illness so that we may all properly address the main underlying cause (or causes) of disease.
Et similiter etiam effectus dicitur participare suam causam, et praecipue quando non adequat virtutem suae causae, puta si dicamus quod aer participat lumen solis quia non recipit earn in claritate qua est in sole.
Although the general rule refers to the personal nature of the action in an amparo suit, the claimant standing ad causam for the legal protection of his/her rights, certain regulations in the amparo field in the states of Latin America also consecrate the possibility to stand ad processum, having the capacity to use the judicial proceedings for his/her own interest, as well as with regard to other people's rights (Salgado, 1987: 81; Camazano, 2005: 162).
17) By contrast, Aquinas applies the term voluntarium secundum suam causam (or voluntarius in sua causa) in his analysis of the impact of passion upon moral responsibility.
Perguntas e mais perguntas sao o recurso que Marques usa para fazer com que o leitor reflita sobre as indagacoes sem resposta, mas que sao uma constante ameaca e causam o medo e o mal-estar de qualquer judeu.
The bribe contract itself is, of course, invalid ob turpem causam.
Pollak (1989) salienta que, quando a memoria e a identidade de um grupo estao consolidadas, os questionamentos externos nao causam influencias.
The motto of the Inquisition was a quotation from Psalm 94: Exurge Domine et judica causam tuam meaning "Arise Lord and judge your cause.
Dentre os diversos tipos de conflito, os interpessoais sao os que mais alteram a dinamica do ambiente de trabalho, pois, segundo Quinn (2003), geram sentimentos que causam instabilidade, desconforto, falta de cooperacao e de confianca, tensao entre individuos ou grupos.