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However, -(i)kk suffixation is not allowed for loan (foreign) words in Malayalam: cey (do) is used instead of the causative suffix -(i)kk.
Thus, the "core" modals take the bare infinitive, as do the causative uses of "verbs such as haten, bidden, let, gar, do and maken" (Fischer 1990: 318).
In the 1970s and early 1980s, viruses were considered as possible causative agents.
An example of a curative causative sentence is given in (1); the subject argument of the root verb (tyomiehet 'workmen') is expressed as the adessive adjunct:
We usually end our lectures on cholera in India with two questions, who discovered the causative agent of the disease cholera and the other question is who discovered cholera toxin.
We suggest that researchers examine data carefully before they state that one event is influenced or not influenced by a causative or facilitating agent, namely when interactions between cause and effect are very complex and the causative relationship is not clear-cut (Cetta et al.
The key underwriting question: What features accurately reflect the causative differences between the high probability accident driver (3.
In 48,6% cases, the diagnosis of the causative organism, as identified by the two different methods, were similar.
causative risk factor) for invasive GAS infection, NSAID use could mark the onset of disease symptoms (fever, localized pain, and inflammation).
First, the 30 verbs in his list are divided into two groups of fifteen, one where crosslinguistically a causative pairing is most likely and the other where the anticausative pairing is most likely.
Furthermore, in causative strains of Escherichia coli (the causative agent in 16 of 47 of the EPN cases, and in 60%-70% of cases in general), the papG II adhesin gene was identified significantly less often than in non-EPN E.
In 1997 the causative mutation was identified in this kindred, and it proved to be in the gene responsible for encoding for a protein known as [alpha]-synuclein (Polymeropoulos et al.