cause agitation

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Diagnosing it is vital, since it is usually due to an underlying medical problem (such as an infection), and can have serious consequences--for example, it can cause agitation that results in seniors being physically restrained.
A similar objective was being pursued by those who stage sit-ins, cause agitation and hinder country's march ahead.
Unfortunately, SSRIs may cause agitation, impulsivity, hyperactivity and insomnia, as well as bruxism (especially at night) and, thus, cause sleep disturbances
The government will try to provoke people to cause agitation.
It seems Ms Lasserre's responsibility is to pick up concocted stories, cause agitation and strictly confine herself to condemn Bahrain and damage its reputation.
Active winds will cause agitation in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
But drink no more than two a day as they can cause agitation, anxiety, and insomnia.
Prevention: Careful attention to the person with dementia may make it possible to anticipate and resolve factors that cause agitation, such as boredom, loneliness, excessive noise, and physical problems (e.
Short-term, I am sure this would cause agitation and confusion to the purist of the sport; long-term, the underlying currents are much more significant.
SSRIs tend to have negligible effects on noradrenergic receptors and thus do not provide pain relief and may cause agitation because of serotonergic bursts when treatment is initiated, Dr.
In severe cases, users may have to go to a treatment centre while they attempt to go 'cold turkey', which can cause agitation, insomnia, sweating and shaking.
It speeds heart rate and increases blood pressure and can also cause agitation, paranoia and confusion.