cause chaos

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Black Friday sales cause chaos as police called to deal with huge crowds at supermarkets Why do we feel the need to copy everything America does?
The article starts by saying snow is expected - up to five centimetres - which will cause chaos.
The signal is open for less than 30 seconds and this leads to huge tailbacks which in turn cause chaos at the signal by the GDNPR office.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski vesnik that the government loses the little trust it had left and Gruevski becomes more troubled and the last moves in the field of politics and economy cause chaos and confusion.
The premier shot back: "What would cause chaos is if a Conservative government were elected and caused public spending cuts.
Any sort of bad weather will most certainly cause chaos.
However, any hopes the mismatched duo would keep each other out of trouble are soon dashed as they proceed to cause chaos.
This particular duty, because it is retrospective, would not only cause chaos in our airports and cause great difficulties for both travellers and airlines but will also cause huge financial disadvantage for tour operators.
A STRIKE which threatened to cause chaos on the railways this weekend was dramatically called off this morning.
There is no need to dig up miles of road and cause chaos in the process.
Strikes would cause chaos on the English bank holiday weekend when BA expect to carry 100,000 people daily.
A "dirty bomb" would cause chaos if the radioactive waste was ignited.