cause confusion

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But if you want my personal impression, it could cause confusion.
The waste will be removed tomorrow, as removing the waste today would cause confusion as to when their general waste should be collected and prolong residents getting used to the new changes," said the spokesman.
All efforts should focus on creating unity behind what everyone except those at the extremes agrees on rather than doing things, however well intentioned, which cause confusion and yet more potential division.
But the judge said: "I do not see any objective justification for Twentieth Century Fox's use of the sign if it causes confusion with the mark or, even if it does not cause confusion, it damages the mark.
Some women said the revision may cause confusion among female beach-goers.
Dr Sally Old, MDU medico-legal adviser, said: "Abbreviations can cause confusion and risk patient safety.
A-B Inbev has contended that this will cause confusion in the marketplace, but the die seems to be cast.
Member of the Council, Mizhir Mullah Khader, told NINA "what happened during the last few arrests and raids implemented by security force coming from Baghdad and from inside the province cause confusion in the plans and projects which have been prepared to improve the security file for the province.
The lender has reached a voluntary agreement with City watchdog the Financial Services Authority to pay the redress because wording in its mortgage offer documents had the potential to cause confusion.
4 : to cause confusion in <Rain upset our plans.
Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Government health, where an academy one day is something else the next because it might cause confusion with the other academy that has a very similar name and acronym but is actually something nearly completely different.
Councillor Roma Kirke said: "I can understand that naming roads in a similar fashion each time can cause confusion, and we must think of the plight of the poor postman.