cause confusion

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Internet watchdog Nominent has agreed the Birmingham-born star's name had been unfairly used and could cause confusion.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang urged media outlets to be accurate and not to disseminate rumors that cause confusion among the people.
Some have speculated whether the mistranslation was deliberate to avoid the P to B mutation, which can cause confusion with English speakers.
These different requirements often cause confusion, and can lead to unnecessarily long stops at bus stations.
Please avoid sharing any messages that could cause confusion, panic, and fear,' Phivolcs said in a Facebook post.
Nigerian Tribune gathered from security sources that a particular drivers union in the state was mobilizing to disrupt proceedings and cause confusion.
Bahrain's Foreign Minister, Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, tweeted: "Demand Number 14: Putting the despicable Al Jazeera on trial for spreading lies and rumours to cause confusion in our countries."
All efforts should focus on creating unity behind what everyone except those at the extremes agrees on rather than doing things, however well intentioned, which cause confusion and yet more potential division.
But the judge said: "I do not see any objective justification for Twentieth Century Fox's use of the sign if it causes confusion with the mark or, even if it does not cause confusion, it damages the mark.
Words have meaning--until they cause confusion and get in the way.
Some women said the revision may cause confusion among female beach-goers.
Dr Sally Old, MDU medico-legal adviser, said: "Abbreviations can cause confusion and risk patient safety.