cause detriment

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It specifies that a board should: 1) not accept gifts, benefits or hospitality if it is likely to place the board under an actual or perceived financial or moral obligation to others or be seen by the public to cause the board to act in a particular way or deviate from public duty principles; 2) maintain a register of all gifts, benefits and hospitality accepted, ensuring that these are only of token value; 3) not demand or accept in connection with official duties any fee, commission, reward, gratuity or remuneration of any kind that is outside the scope of entitlements; and 4)not use public position for personal profit or gain or to cause detriment to others.
Theres been some improvements following the introduction of the voluntary code but, in the ACCCs view, it is unlikely to fully address the issues that cause detriment in the industry in the longer term.
Kris Jeremy It's happening so much that the only thing now would be to cause detriment to them.
Drip feeding consumers with hidden charges has the potential to cause detriment to competition and to consumers.
And to say that this is what's going to cause detriment to people, I just don't think it's out there.
This Labour amendment aims to give the Finance Conduct Authority (FCA) the power to place a cap on the total cost of any loan if it judges that that loan will cause detriment to the consumer.
3 Would the Term Cause Detriment (whether Financial or Otherwise) to a Party if It Were to Be Applied or Relied on D Examples of Unfair Terms in Standard Form Contracts E Matters the Court Must Take into Account in Determining whether a Term Is Unfair 1 The Contract as a Whole 2 Transparency 3 Such Matters as the Court May Consider Relevant IV The Relationship between Substantive Unfairness, Transparency and Notice V Conclusion
If the new mark was (1) identical to an existing mark, (2) similar to an existing mark and likely to cause confusion, or (3) likely to take unfair advantage of or cause detriment to the distinctive character or repute of an existing mark, the application could be refused (depending on the specification of goods and services applied for).
At present the vast majority of chemicals and pharmaceuticals are produced by methods which use synthetic chemicals with multiple stages, which can waste precious time and energy and potentially cause detriment to the environment.
The likely impact of the proposed move on the noncustodial parent's relationship with the children is a relevant factor in determining whether the move would cause detriment to the children and, when considered in light of all of the relevant factors, may be sufficient to justify a change in custody," Justice Carlos Moreno wrote for the court.
It was never our intention to cause detriment to Mr Thompson or deny him his right to union representation,''he said.
Third, there was no significant difference in remote treatment designations of TV system type that would cause detriment to patients.