cause discomfort

See: embarrass
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Most of the time the rider's weight is banging behind the saddle with little control of the lower leg, making the action ineffective and likely to cause discomfort and possibly damage to the horse's spine and kidneys.
Metal components that could cause discomfort are encased in the holster's interior so they do not touch the skin.
The outside skin surrounding the vagina can become irritated and cause discomfort during normal daily activities such as walking, prolonged sitting, exercising and bike riding.
The statement said: "Saudia is requesting [all] guests to abide by a dress code whereby they are not clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers.
My problem is that my bunions cause discomfort while dancing for long hours in 3-inch heels.
High levels of humidity will add to the cloud of acrid pollution on Saturday and is likely to cause discomfort for people with health problems, such as lung and breathing ailments.
This is a note of caution, because temperatures have been soaring of late and prevailing hot weather conditions cause discomfort to everyone and everywhere.
This can cause discomfort and inconvenience for many people.
Despite being crafted to fit securely against the oral cavity or to bond onto existing teeth or implants, there are times when dentures become loose and cause discomfort and soreness in the gums.
Their bites cause discomfort, numbness, severe swelling and, occasionally, chest pains.
REVELATIONS EVELATIONS that South Africa's FA spent that South Africa's FA spent development money on 27 Mercedes cars for its development money on 27 Mercedes cars for its executives after the 2010 World Cup continues to cause executives after the 2010 World Cup continues to cause discomfort for FIFA.
The sensor is completely wireless, so that there are no wires to entangle the patient, cause discomfort, or break.