cause displeasure

See: disoblige
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The penal courts of peace have begun to jail people who cause displeasure to Erdoy-an" said Feyzioy-lu.
"By trying to move away from Khartoum so as to get closer to South Sudan and trying not to get too close to South Sudan so as not to cause displeasure to Khartoum ...
Considering Russia recently bailed out the Cyprus economy with a e1/42.5 billion loan, not all of which has yet been received, it would be extremely unwise of the government to do anything that might cause displeasure in Moscow.
It is as well to remember that a person didn't need to have broken any law to suffer such a dreadful fate in this country, but just cause displeasure to the king - or queen, of course.
''Even if another person's visit to a shrine may harm the religious sentiments or cause displeasure, it does not warrant a claim for damages.''