cause for concern

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Meanwhile, new evidence has emerged regarding Emma's death, giving Moira and Adam more cause for concern.
The health ministry announced on Saturday that three malaria cases have been recorded in the north in British tourists but there was no cause for concern as the transmission risk is very low.
Global Banking News-May 15, 2017--Bank of Canada says house price appreciation is a cause for concern
The matter was swiftly dealt with and there was no further cause for concern.
England's preparations for a major tournament were hit by an injury scare - 50 years ago it was Everton defender Ray Wilson who was giving cause for concern ahead of the World Cup Finals.
She added: "It's nice that people are concerned, but, honestly there's no cause for concern.
A sample review of 255 patients showed some cause for concern over the treatment of 49 and more serious cause for concern for 17.
Summary: Robert Pattinson may have cause for concern, as there is a new Brit actor hot on his heels.
The ECB does not welcome volatile exchange rates, but the euro's current rate against the dollar falls within its historic band of fluctuation and gives no particular cause for concern,' said Nowotny, as quoted in the Austrian press.
The fact the same mistake has happened twice at the renowned Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow is a cause for concern.
THE further, compelling, evidence in the report "A survey of Cancer in the vicinity of Trawsfynedd Nuclear Power station in North Wales" brought to light in Tuesday's Daily Post, should give everyone cause for concern when the Government is considering the building of new nuclear power stations.