cause for concern

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She added: "It's nice that people are concerned, but, honestly there's no cause for concern.
Global Banking News-October 28, 2013--Portuguese banking system no cause for concern, says FM(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
A sample review of 255 patients showed some cause for concern over the treatment of 49 and more serious cause for concern for 17.
Summary: Robert Pattinson may have cause for concern, as there is a new Brit actor hot on his heels.
The review said all GP practices should set up a protocol relating to who has access to electronic records and the format for capturing social history and any cause for concern.
For many in the medical community, the disparity in treatment for those who can and can't pay is a cause for concern.
THE further, compelling, evidence in the report "A survey of Cancer in the vicinity of Trawsfynedd Nuclear Power station in North Wales" brought to light in Tuesday's Daily Post, should give everyone cause for concern when the Government is considering the building of new nuclear power stations.
Once again, this administration has some explaining to do, and their failure to be forthcoming is additional cause for concern.
Now a team of researchers has tested the hypothesis generated by the Massachusetts and New York studies against findings from two other studies and found no cause for concern [EHP 114:130-134].
This is cause for concern because the agency has a poor track record in this area.
Meanwhile, Wirral's Olympic silver medal list Steve Cummings had cause for concern when he took a medical for his new pro team out in Brussels recently.
US dependence on foreign capital to fund its debt, just like its dependence on foreign oil, should be cause for concern according to Swig.