cause for protest

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However, he said, undue pressure on the judiciary would provide a cause for protest. He said that the increasing restrictions on the judiciary and the media were harmful for the democratic system.
He said it appeared that the pressure on the superior judiciary was being increased and undue pressure on the judiciary would provide a cause for protest.
While one would be hard-picked to choose one cause for protest for the Hazara community, which has seen series of horrific events over the years, the events that prompted the protests this time was the murder of two shopkeepers belonging to the Shia Hazara community, who were killed in a drive-by shooting in Quetta.
Coop's intention to pay farmers less while maintaining the same consumer price was the main facet of Coop's plans that rubbed the Swiss Farmer's Union the wrong way, and was cause for protest in December with a number of farmers forming a tractor blockade in front of numerous Coop centres.
Ipswich had significant cause for protest at the penalty, as Fabian Wilnis made contact with the ball while John McGreal was shown a straight red card, apparently for foul language.
Palace's hopes disappeared when United made it 2-0 after 21 minutes, though this time they appeared to have just cause for protest.