cause growth

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The innovation process will cause growth, professionally and personally, if you have a learning plan.
Currently, the only ways to manage EoE is to treat the symptoms with off-label topical steroids which may cause growth retardation or to follow a restrictive diet which may be difficult for patients to follow.
Early this month, Capital Economics said falling exports would cause growth across Emerging Asia to be at its weakest since the global financial crisis a decade ago.
However, broader tariffs that pressure RPKs could cause growth and profitability to decline for aircraft lessors.
Now, they seem a lot more sensitive to possible disruptions these events could cause growth and corporate earnings, and with good reason: The threats seem to be spreading and the fortifications are weaker.
However, the change in the real 10-yr Treasury rate and the change in housing permits are moving in a positive direction, which should help maintain growth in construction spending and may even cause growth to accelerate next year.
Robinson, University of Chicago and NBER, "Democracy Does Cause Growth" (NBER Working Paper No.
Looking ahead, weaker growth in business volumes, flat income and rising costs are expected to cause growth in profits to ease in the run up to March.
Increases in obesity rates and the unhealthy diet of Pakistanis would cause growth in the number of anti-obesity brands.
Ellen: "Rich and I keep saying that more good things might cause growth and change to Sarasota's tranquil atmosphere.
Indeed, though China's government has expressed its willingness to sacrifice some growth in its pursuit of structural reform and rebalancing, the impact of a housing-market collapse on the financial sector would cause growth to slow beyond the acceptable limit.
Many economists had predicted that stronger consumer spending this year would cause growth to accelerate.