cause growth

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federal securities laws and are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including changes in market conditions, supply and demand changes for hotel rooms, the availability of capital to finance hotel growth, and other applicable "Risk Factors" that Marriott International discloses in its most recent quarterly report on Form 10-Q, any of which could delay or prevent hotel openings or otherwise cause growth to be different than we anticipate.
Ellen: "Rich and I keep saying that more good things might cause growth and change to Sarasota's tranquil atmosphere.
Indeed, though China's government has expressed its willingness to sacrifice some growth in its pursuit of structural reform and rebalancing, the impact of a housing-market collapse on the financial sector would cause growth to slow beyond the acceptable limit.
Many economists had predicted that stronger consumer spending this year would cause growth to accelerate.
Ryan has already had four operations as surgeons cut away at the excess bone which can cause growth problems.
Improved financial development that leads to better resource allocation increases returns and may lower saving (income effect) and thus may cause growth to fall (Bencivenga and Smith 1991; King and Levine 1993b).
Slowing external demand and policy inaction may cause growth to slide further.
These products inhibit gibberellin biosynthesis, which implies that they cause growth reduction by decreasing cell elongation (TAIZ; ZEIGER, 2009).
Vine weevil grubs can attack below soil level and cause growth reduction or total collapse.
A 15 per cent 20 per cent increase in oil prices will stall economic growth in the US, Eurozone and Japan, and cause growth in emerging markets to decelerate, Roubini said last month.
For example, an additional explanation might be that there are distinct characteristics of the two decades, the 1970s and 1980s, that made the financial ratios seem to cause growth at that time but not otherwise.