cause hostility

See: disaffect
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According to media reports, the governor's office has claimed that such events may cause hostility between different groups and endanger "health and morality".
The attempts to cause hostility between religious groups should be abandoned.
The director of Cairo facilities police, Major General Ismail Ezz Al-Din, said the imposition of closing times would cause hostility between policemen and shop owners.
While Indo-Pak relations have over the last decade seemingly improved, nevertheless the issue of Kashmir is a sure recipe to cause hostility in the future.
As general manager, I did not file the ethics complaint to discriminate, harass or cause hostility, as Davis alleges.
If business does not allow shopping from work, they may cause hostility and dissatisfaction in their workforce, which also can lead to lost productivity and other problems.
And such actions say more about the cruelty of those who peddle myths in a thinly disguised attempt to cause hostility, than those who vacantly accept him