cause injury

See: damage
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Jepkemei said they are facing the charges of incitement to cause violence, undermining the authority of a public officer and conspiracy to cause injury to the reputation of a person.
The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (the Tribunal) today initiated an inquiry to determine whether the dumping of carbon and alloy steel line pipe originating in or exported from the Republic of Korea has caused injury or retardation or is threatening to cause injury.
She pleaded guilty to child cruelty on the basis she bit him deliberately "in the context of play" and did not intend to cause injury.
Three of the shells landed in Israeli territory, where they did not cause injury.
The government defines "confined spaces" as being enclosed spaces not designed for continuous occupancy and which can develop a build-up of gases, dust or lack of oxygen which has the potential to cause injury or death.
A vigorous sequence taught without attention to alignment can cause injury to knees, shoulders, and lower back.
Negligent parents who refuse to discipline and raise children with respect, rules and morals do cause injury.
In addition, if someone is carrying a crossbow with intent to cause injury he may be liable to prosecution under Section 1 of the Prevention of Crime Act 1953.
Runners should train below the level at which stresses cause injury, but not so low as to affect no improvement upon or even weaken joint, muscle and bone structures--an obvious example would be prolonged bed rest.
Exposure to loud, continuous sound can pepper free radicals throughout heart tissue and cause injury to cells' DNA that persists after the din subsides.
2 Suspension is appropriate when a lawyer has been publicly reprimanded for the same or similar conduct and engages in further similar acts of misconduct that cause injury or potential injury to a client, the public, the legal system, or the profession.