cause injury

See: damage
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2 -- 5) The California Public Interest Research Group report, released Tuesday, included numerous toys that might cause injury to small children either because of small, choke-inducing pieces or other features that can lead to trouble.
The downhill recovery intervals allow your cardiovascular system to recover and clear the lactic acid that accumulates during the intense climbs, but you must beware of the potential for the eccentric demands of the downhill segments to cause injury due to increased impact.
The FRA on Wednesday also announced two funding allocations to improve commuter rail safety - an $850,000 contract to study ways to make seats and tables on trains safer, since tables have been shown to cause injury in crashes; and a $250,000 Metrolink grant to study sealing off access on its two San Fernando Valley corridors.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights group, called for a full investigation by Los Angeles County Animal Control, saying in a letter that Fox broke a California law that prohibits tethering an animal in a way that could cause injury or unnecessary suffering.
While the standard wooden dowel system was designed to prevent serious human injury, adding more than the recommended weight can still cause injury.
The two deadlocked charges are aggravated arson, which requires premeditation and an attempt to cause injury to persons or property, and arson of a structure or forest with a special allegation that property in excess of $1 million was destroyed or damaged, Baum said.
If you get stuck in the snow, spinning your tires too fast can overheat them to the point where they will explode and cause injury.
Devi Jordan, 27, pleaded no contest in Burbank Superior Court to assault with a deadly weapon for using her car to cause injury, evading police and numerous traffic violations after the chase from Van Nuys through Burbank and Glendale.
insurance companies whose treatment decisions cause injury.
The report also noted that the overall number of ``categorical'' uses of force - which are serious cases of force that cause injury - did not change much from 1999 to 2001.
If dumping is found to cause injury to the Canadian industry, the imported Chinese windshields will be subject to an antidumping duty.
Authorities said Devi Jordan of Westlake Village was in custody in the Glendale jail after being booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for using her car to cause injury, evading police and numerous traffic violations.