cause problems

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* Severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships
The force is also hoping to: | | Identify where parents are failing in their responsibility to control their children and applying for Parenting Orders; | If "necessary, appropriate and the right thing to do" apply for possession against offender's homes if individuals cause problems near their own address; | Public sector and private funding has been identified to improve CCTV and lighting in a number of areas.
Warlords use squatters to cause problems We are contemplating drastic action.
The crackdown would see individuals who refuse help and support, and cause problems for others, banned from the centre of Glasgow.
Drivers heading out on the roads need to be vigilant as conditions continue to cause problems.
Note that these symptoms are only s3xual problems if they bother you or cause problems in your relationship.
Natural Resources Wales also issued a flood alert for Beaumaris yesterday, warning that high tide could cause problems .
Mark: Sunderland have players who can cause problems as well.
He's an immense talent and can cause problems. He's done that in the games he's played so far against Barnsley, Reading and West Brom.
The lack of the safety measures at the construction site had not only cause problems for the emergency service, but they have also been causing problems for the residents of the neighbourhood.
He is so lovely and will do anything to please me, but my colleague at work is starting to cause problems.