cause resentment

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Money is always a common issue and if one person feels that their partner is not pulling their weight financially or at least trying to, then it can very quickly cause resentment to grow.
Its economic heft is outpunching its own hinterland - and that could cause resentment.
These questions and their answers will haunt the upcoming generations of IDPs for decades and cause resentment.
The practice of providing social housing for outsiders ahead of locals will inevitably cause resentment and must cease.
He continued that the ground military intervention by neighboring countries is unacceptable because we had previously said in 2003 after the US military presence in Iraq that the ground intervention in Iraq will cause resentment and hatred among the peoples of the region.
If you're feeling shut out, talk to your boyfriend about it instead of allowing those feelings to build and cause resentment.
Also, paying parents in this way would inevitably cause resentment among other Conwy residents who might rightly ask is that what their council tax should be spent on?
The adjournment motion that included PML-N angry and vibrant members Chaudhry Barjees Tahir, Malik Shakeel Awan, Malik Abrar, Rana Tanvir Hussain, Engineer Khurram Dastagir, Saira Afzal, Muhammad Naseer Bhutta and others termed the increase in the electricity tariff as un-reasonable and unjustified hence will cause resentment among the masses, hence must be discussed in the House.
Mr Parr added: "The TUC says it is 'bad practice' not to pay staff or force them to take holidays when they cannot get in - as this would cause resentment among those who have been kept away from work through no fault of their own.
It can cause resentment, frustration and dent the confidence of you and your partner.
With plenty of advice for establishing discipline in a way that will not cause resentment, treating one's students with respect, and what to do when the line is crossed, authors Linda Crawford and Christopher Hagedorn offer wisdom borne from years of experience in the field.