cause suffering

See: distress
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Then the invalid became a heretic or sorcerer; as heretic or sorcerer he suffered, and sought to cause suffering.
The woman is accused of wilfully neglecting, abusing and ill-treating her young sons and as well as her daughter, who are all under the age of 10, in a manner likely to cause suffering to their health and seriously affect their well-being.
It may be an unpalatable truth for people such as Mr Hathaway, but eating meat does cause suffering - and the easiest way to end that suffering is to simply switch to a plant based diet.
Inspector Heather Workman said: "It is a criminal offence to abandon an animal in a manner likely to cause suffering and I need to find out who was responsible for this callous act.
Not only do these techniques not cause suffering to animals, they are also more relevant to humans because they are based on real patients, human tissues, human cells and human diseases.
Frederick thinks (ECHO Letters, May 4) suicide is, in my view, selfish and cowardly, as are these bombers who cause suffering and death to innocent people in what they consider their pathway to salvation.
It is a criminal offence to abandon any animal in a manner likely to cause suffering.
She has brought shame on herself, her family, and her employer and let us hope she is punished with a custodial sentence which will serve as a deterrent to others her cause suffering to animals, she is the scum and dregs of society.
It is not the day's strike which will cause suffering, it is the situation in which the teachers find themselves which will have an adverse effect on the pupils.
Another one's staying, she said 'they cannot stop her' On account it would cause suffering to her pet grasshopper.
Only the thought of how his death would cause suffering to his four daughters prevented him from taking his own life in the wake of 13-year-old Billie-Jo Jenkins' killing.