cause the downfall of

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It wasn't so long ago that many conservatives, Mike Pence included, were proclaiming that "gay marriage" would devalue all marriage, destroy the family unit, and cause the downfall of society.
Al-Harthi also asked whether social media is powerful enough to cause the downfall of governments, and what moral standards should be instituted to oversee the use of social media in the absence of monitoring regimes and individual conscience.
The Hyfil blade did not cause the downfall of Rolls-Royce as many in the media at the time suggested for, as Ruffles says, a back-up titanium blade had been developed.
Talking piggybanks, shark mutilation, a nasty incident involving 'Weed killer cornflakes' and possibly the apocalypse abound in this black comedy set in a drab and dreary past; a time where evil teenagers had nothing better to do than attempt to poison their sisters, cause the downfall of mankind and, of course, kick the odd pig.
Netanyahu has a ready-made pretext for his refusal to cooperate with the international demands, namely the fact that this cooperation will cause the downfall of his governmental coalition that is based on religious fanatics, representatives of the settlers and the carriers of the Palestinian "Transfer" slogan.
A broken window could eventually cause the downfall of a neighborhood.
The Dutchman insists the club can't afford any more of the dressing-room disunity that helped cause the downfall of previous boss Luiz Felipe Scolari.
Rodgers himself spent four years at Chelsea but isn't sure whether his inside knowledge will help cause the downfall of one of Europe's leading sides.
Ultimately, her uncompromising position on the latter would cause the downfall of many.
Not only did he jump particularly well at Newbury, a track where the fences have proved tough enough to cause the downfall of many a top horse in the past, he also left the distinct impression there was plenty left in the tank.
You are going to cause the downfall of this country, which was built on Christian principles.
But before canny Kenny cracks open another bottle of the celebratory Scotch he lopped 26p off, he may care to reflect that this Budget could cause the downfall of his Government.