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This article examines the recognition of personal privacy in the context of a regular and potentially valuable, as well as volatile, law enforcement activity--stopping a vehicle and developing probable cause to search it.
11) These two actions (the new penalty regulations and policy) raise the bar for taxpayers that seek to use a tax opinion to show reasonable cause to avoid penalties.
The court held that the broker's efforts, in only showing the property to the purchaser and relaying the purchaser's offer to the vendors which was rejected, were minimal and did not rise to the level of procuring cause to entitle the broker to a commission.
A failure to pay will be considered to be due to reasonable cause to the extent that the taxpayer has made a satisfactory showing that he exercised ordinary business care and prudence in providing for payment of his tax liability and was nevertheless either unable to pay the tax or would suffer an undue hardship (as described in [sections] 1.
This article addresses the issue of when sufficient evidence exists to establish probable cause to search the residence of a person who has been arrested for, or is involved in, criminal activity.
Practitioners should not overlook this factor in determining whether clients have reasonable cause to avoid late filing penalties.
A lawful search under the motor vehicle exception requires the existence of probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence or contraband and that the searching officers have lawful access to the vehicle.
either probable cause to make an arrest or reasonable suspicion to effect an investigative detention - an officer's subjective intent or motivation also should be considered in deciding whether the action is reasonable under the fourth amendment.