cause to disappear

See: expunge
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If we are right in this, it is a wrong philosophy of matter which has caused many of the difficulties in the philosophy of mind--difficulties which a right philosophy of matter would cause to disappear.
The active resistance of the people all people, young and old of IHK is rooted in an inalienable Kashmiri identity that no pressure or violence can cause to disappear.
Respondents knowledge of optimum application of agrochemicals Practices [bar.X] Sd Pesticide use is the best way to combat 2.24 1.12 with potato pests (n) There is no remedy to control potato 2.79 1.23 pests and diseases, except pesticides use (n) Application of herbicides is the best way 2.35 1.17 to control weeds (n) Although agrochemicals are cause to disappear pest 3.79 1.10 and weed, they are cause to disappear useful insects and plants thereby destroy biodiversity Chemical fertilizer use is the best way to 2.64 1.16 increase potato yield (n) Chemical fertilizer contaminates surface and 3.21 1.13 ground water The more fertilizer application, the more 2.72 1.11 potato yield (n) Practices Category.