cause to grow

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Afridi added that poor justice system was a major cause to grow human smuggling network in the country.
ETHMOID A Relating to morals B Like a sieve C Cause to grow pale who am I?
It's not acceptable that a problem caused from council land has not been tackled more effectively - especially as it's illegal to plant or otherwise cause to grow Japanese knotweed in the wild.
It is one of two land plants that are illegal to cause to grow in the wild under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the other being Giant Hogweed, and it can cause structural problems to buildings.
8 : to grow or cause to grow bigger, more mature, or more advanced <He's developing his muscles with exercise.>
That's another mantra that we've have good cause to grow more doubtful about.
6 : to cause to grow : raise <I grow tomatoes.>