cause upset

See: perturb
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Stanojlovic, however said their opponents should not undermine them because the young players were hungry for playing, saying the team had a potential to cause upset to any team that might come their way.
Even the need to open boxes to satisfy security that the contents are permissible to be carried on board can cause upset if passengers have gone to the trouble of wrapping gifts.
The Swansea-based agency said in the FOI document that it has a responsibility to make sure the combination used on registration numbers "does not cause upset or offence".
It can cause upset stomach, headaches, dizziness and confusion.
How can these councillors cause upset in the community when the majority of people are rejecting this.
One such matter is the possible reaction of our neighbours, should we reject them and cause upset and havoc in the process.
We want everyone to enjoy the events that are held around this time of year but to stay safe and not cause upset to others.
He said: "It is never our intention to cause upset or worry.
Why try to cause upset and offence when none has been given?
In no way did I intend to cause upset and certainly didn't know about his past.
Irene" will be replaced by "Irma" after meterologists decided any future use of the name could cause upset.
Tim Owen QC, for him, said Walker never meant to cause upset or fear to any of the members of Girls Aloud.