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The same kind of quick but quiet movement in the tide happened a few years since at Chiloe, during a slight earthquake, and created much causeless alarm.
Sophia was very soon eased of her causeless fright by the entry of the noble peer, who was not only an intimate acquaintance of Mrs Fitzpatrick, but in reality a very particular friend of that lady.
The feeling of causeless shame, which she had felt on the journey, and her excitement, too, had completely vanished.
God forbid, Miss Haredale,' said the good gentleman, with great emotion, 'that there should be in your gentle breast one causeless ground of quarrel with him.
It is rather paranoia, causeless fear of the public word, desperate attempt of the stranded mind which considers that something can change if he proscribes the people who think differently than him i.
I close with the teaching of the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, Abraham Isaac Kook, leaving to him the last insight for the antidote to hate: "The Second Temple was destroyed because of causeless hatred.
Adrian Burton, however, translates yadrcchika, as "causeless" qualifying krpa "mercy": "That bhakti, however, can only be obtained through the causeless [yadrcchika] mercy [krpa] of my exalted pure devotees; it cannot be obtained through human efforts" (Burton 2000: 321, brackets added by me).
Concerns on default of budget credits are causeless due to Agriculture Ministry's measures on increasing grain cost, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazagro" Dauren Makhazhanov has said at a briefing on October 28, the press service of the Kazakh PM said.
Without these structured mental models--that is, theories of what attributes of the environment are important in war--military change seems to be a ceaseless flow of disconnected, causeless happenstance and chaos.