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A second causeway, spanning 25km and 70km from the proposed link with Bahrain, would link Saudi with Qatar.
The 25-kilometre King Fahad Causeway, the first man-made terrestrial link between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, opened on November 26, 1986.
The use of Causeway will also enable Currie & Brown to create a common database of vital information that will benefit its growing client base and we are delighted that they have chosen us to be their partner of choice going forwards to bring new innovation to their team of consultants throughout the world," stated Paul Madeira EVP Global Business Development from Causeway.
Yards into the journey, the vehicle met the Holy Island Coastguard 4x4, which is able to negotiate the flooded causeway, coming the other way.
The King underlined the importance of the causeway in invigorating trade and investment.
King Hamad underlined the importance of the causeway in invigorating the trade and investment movement and fast-tracking economic development in both countries.
King Abdullah said that the new causeway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia would be called "King Hamad Causeway".
The incidents sparked a barrage of criticism on Facebook and had led to a safety warning about the causeway, which has witnessed a number of incidents over the years where drivers have been caught out by the tide.
National Trust has teamed up with The Mount Charles Group, catering and hospitality provider for The Causeway Hotel and the Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre, to offer FOUR lucky Mirror readers the chance to win a two-night family break.
Tom Robertson of the South Queensferry lifeboat said: "People get into trouble on the island or on the causeway about 20 times a year.
Over the next five days, we'll feature some of the memorable clashes Today: Giant's Causeway v Kalanisi, 2000 SANDOWN'S stiff uphill climb is famous for producing stirring finishes.
The total cost of the Qatar-Bahrain Causeway, one of the longest bridges in the world, is likely to be in the tune of $5 billion (BD1.