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Causey, a Jonesboro native, graduated in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.
Susan Moiser from South Causey Inn is delighted with the market's progress.
As Chief Accounting Officer, Causey will have responsibility over all corporate accounting and internal audit functions and will report to Colvin.
But here Causey is too timid, relying on well-worn ideas about the link between modern British landscape painting and the pantheistic Romanticism of the 18th century.
Causey, who has served on the board of the local domestic violence shelter for the past eight years, says in a typical month he'll get a couple of calls or visits from co-workers either in physical danger from an abusive partner or estranged from someone who's threatened them.
He's the best doctor I've ever been to," Causey added.
Una Murtagh, the organiser of Farmfest, said: "When the phone rang yesterday at Causey Farm, and a lady asked if we were missing a piglet, we were delighted.
Shauna Lea Causey and Samuel Parker Estes were united in marriage at five thirty in the afternoon on May 1, 2009, at South Main Church of Christ in Greenville.
The family of Christa Causey, 24, knows all about fighting for more birthdays.
Now Rosalind Causey, a former nurse turned IT consultant and mother-of-two living in Suffolk, she recalled: "I took the cork from the wine bottle, replied to Sandra's little note, and we have been in touch ever since.
Midshipman 3rd Class Alexandra Causey had years of martial arts training in judo and jujitsu prior to coming to the Naval Academy, but felt the need to be battle tested in the "sweet science.
All those new congressmen are making a delightful discovery: Their new office entitles them to what Mike Causey of The Washington Times calls "the best health plan in the nation.