causing destruction

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15 (ANI): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao criticised the Congress party for causing destruction in Telangana since 1956 and termed the party as "Villain No.
In a statement, he said that due to overflowing in open drain of WASA, the sewage water had entered into the Industrial Block-C of SITE Hyderabad causing destruction of machineries worth billions of rupees.
The Sunday storm disrupted traffic and caused power outages in the Romanian region on Timisoara, while also causing destruction in parts of Serbia and Croatia.
One of the strongest storms to hit the Caribbean and potentially the United States is currently causing destruction on the (http://www.
Arif Alvi said that million gallons of polluted water and waste was daily flowing into the sea, causing destruction of marine life.
Trump concluded by accusing Clinton of causing destruction, death, terrorism, and weakness, saying that this should not be the American legacy.
The recent hot weather experienced by the landmasses in the South Asian region may have contributed to the deadly weather condition that is causing destruction.
In 1977 an earthquake of six magnitudes hit Naghan, killing 348 people, injuring about 200, and causing destruction over an area of 150 square kilometers.
Meanwhile, an Israeli warplane fired at least a missile targeting another location to the north, causing destruction in the area, in addition to severe damages to adjacent homes.
The introductory TV ad, "Stag Pool Party," tells the story of a real claim from Colorado involving deer that caused severe damage to a customer's swimming pool; "Smash and Grub" tells the true story of a claim from California where a bear broke into a customer's vacation home, causing destruction to the homeowner's belongings and to the house.
These airstrikes coincided with other raids launched by the aggression warplanes and targeted Mokha Port and the quarantine premises, causing destruction in the port and the quarantine, the official explained.
Up to date, the typhoon is still causing destruction, he said.