causing destruction

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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Israeli warplanes early Saturday carried out several airstrikes targeting different locations in the Gaza Strip, injuring at least a Palestinian and causing destruction to Palestinian properties.
Hearing the case, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry said that the JIT report has confirmed the two accused were involved in inciting violence and causing destruction.
The soldiers were fighting "this rotten junta which is wreaking havoc, causing destruction and spreading evil amongst our children and nations," he said.
IS captured Palmyra in May, sparking concerns that militants would destroy the UNESCO World Heritage site, causing destruction similar to what has already been seen at several ancient sites in neighboring Iraq.
They also bear responsibility for their bias toward regional perpetrators who are causing destruction in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries, and also for their bias toward Israel in its continuing aggression on Palestine and the Palestinians," Qassem said during a meeting with the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag at his office in Beirut's southern suburbs.
The big countries are responsible of supporting Lebanon on the level of Syrian refugees, as well as for their alignment with the regional criminals who are causing destruction in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere, and with Israel in its constant attack on Palestine and the Palestinians," he said.
We repair drains, drinking water lines, HVAC and other types of pipe systems without causing destruction, disruption or displacement for the home, building or structure.
KARACHI: Water levels in the Indus have started receding after causing destruction of human life and property in the eastern and central parts of the country.
There are forces which seem bent on causing destruction and conflict and reaction from major countries, and Nato is following the pattern by surrounding Russia militarily.
Karzai once against called on the Taliban leadership to arrive at the negotiation table and stop tasking the Afghan youth with killings and causing destruction.
They said that the narcotics curse is eating very fabric our society as the drugs are available freely causing destruction to health of the youth.
Torrential rainfall has affected many rural areas displacing people from their homes and causing destruction of homes, floods and impassible roads.