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The writer "pictures the Waugh [who] wrote hilarious comic books like Scoop and caustically charted the foibles of the upper classes.
What the New York regulator describes as 'obvious contempt' for US banking regulations was shown in the response to this message, "As quoted by an SCB New York branch officer, the Group Director caustically replied.
And, one parent asked caustically, which instructional class would you cut to create a daily PE slot?
In a letter to the New York Review of Books on December 4, 1969, Nabokov caustically condemned Lowell's translation of a poem by his greatly admired countryman Osip Mandelstam.
When America is the culprit, I vent my anger caustically.
Iran responded caustically to her initial announcement, with parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani saying the project will not succeed.
So why is Britain being even "more Israeli rather than the Israelis", as two Arab members of the Israeli parliament caustically observed?
The Jordanian writer Ihsan al-Faqih responded caustically to a Kuwaiti journalist who wrote a racist article about Jordan's accession to the GCC, followed by Dr.
I know Frankie can be caustically witty, but Tramadol Nights was almost a laughter-free zone.
The party elders caustically noted that the premier's remarks were kept out of domestic media: ''Even the premier of our country does not have freedom of speech or of the press,'' they said.
But Goldstein is a brilliant exponent of her subject, and she has crafted a story that is caustically irreverent, yet provocative and informative without being completely didactic.