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More parodie is Shepherd's brief tract, Cautels preservatory concerning the preservation of the gods which are kept in the pyx, thought to be printed in 1548.
While acknowledging that "[s]ource studies are not in vogue today," and that there are "obvious hermeneutic limits to an analysis of an artist's sources" (168)--caveats that may, by this point in the study, seem to come a bit late--Erne discusses the relationship between Kyd's play and the tale from Henry Wotton's Courtlie Controversie of Cupids Cautels (1578) upon which it is based.
3) The argument put forward by Myers is that it is the account of Ponifre - the ambitious steward in Henry Wotton's A courtlie controuersie of Cupids cautels (1578) who seduces Fleuria, the daughter of a rich Almanian merchant - that lies behind Ophelia's exclamation.