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As part of her operation, hot rods were used to cauterise her skin, but instead of putting the rods back on a special tray Mr Mahdi placed them directly on to Mrs Whittaker's stomach.
These are then stored on computer and checked by an eye specialist so patients can be referred to hospital where necessary, such as for laser treatment to cauterise haemorrhaging blood vessels.
Evading the truth then publishing details of his income - not the actual tax returns - will fail to cauterise an entirely self-inflicted wound.
It features If I Were King's track Cauterise, alongside songs from top artists like Method Man, Editors, De La Soul, Jane's Addiction and Idlewild.
A heat pen is used to cauterise the skin to minimise bleeding.
MyGP said he would cauterise it, but the school sent me to an ear, nose and throat specialist, and it was discovered I had a massive cancerous tumour in the nasopharynx.
See your doctor who may cauterise it with extreme cold, heat or chemicals and put an end to it once and for all.
While I share the anger over cuts in public services, I cannot understand how that can so cauterise sympathy towards starving people, many of whom are children, some of whom are dying.
I had already begun to cauterise this hurt part of myself and my earlier curiosity had gone.