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Director Edward Zwick suffered similar problems with The Last Samurai and, while this is a far better film, the decision to cauterise the ending so cleanly is a genuine shame.
It features If I Were King's track Cauterise, alongside songs from top artists like Method Man, Editors, De La Soul, Jane's Addiction and Idlewild.
You have to lie still as they run a wire from your groin up to your heart and cauterise inside.
Unlike in the case of the 2G scam, which was overturned by the judiciary, the executive has been smart and proactive this time round to cauterise the wound by cancelling the allotments and perhaps putting them up for rebidding in the future.
I had already begun to cauterise this hurt part of myself and my earlier curiosity had gone.
The scene in which Gideon gouges the bullet from his arm with a hunting knife, then heats the blade to cauterise the bleeding hole, should finish off anyone with a weak stomach.
They cauterise grudges better than any management mantras.
Their track Cauterise was recently selected for airplay by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens and has been placed on www.
A heat pen is used to cauterise the skin to minimise bleeding.